Bokku Bokku no Mi
Bokku Bokku no Mi desc
Japanese Name: ボックボック
Romanized Name: Bokku Bokku no Mi
English Name: Box-Box Fruit
Meaning: Box
Type: Paramecia
Power Manifest: Paramecia
Debut: Chapter 1


The Bokku Bokku no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to store any non/living objects into a shining box called Rire (笑い, Warai literally meaning "laughter"). Which lets the user become a Box-Box Human (ボックスボックス人間, Bokkusu bokkusu ningen). Bokku (ボッ) comes from the word "Bokkusu" (ボックス) which means "Box" in Japanese. In some cases it is called as the Case-Case fruit.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strength of this ability is that it gives the user to ability to store any object into a box in which he or she can change its size. Although the primary usage of this ability is for ease of transportation, it can also be used for defensive and offensive purposes in battle. For example, one side of the cube can be used as a barrier for incoming attacks or is used as stack projectiles that charges directly to the target.

This fruit does not have any specific weaknesses outside of the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


The user primarily uses this ability for transportation of objects but can also be used in combat. The user snaps his finger and the Rire or the special boxes the user creates instantly forms out of thin air.


The named techniques that involve the Devil Fruit powers are as follows:

Retour à la terre desc

retour à la terre in effect.

  • retour à la terre (地球へ, Chikyū e literally meaning "back to earth") After trapping an object inside the Rire, the user has the ability to pulverize any matter inside by the use of high frequency vibration caused by the phases of the box. Destruction is almost instantaneous and is seen with a great flash of light.
  • démembrer (ディスメンバー, Disumenbā literally meaning "dismember") With the Bokku Bokku no Mi's ability, the user is able to trap a target into a semi-transparent elliptical container. This container is then chopped up into pieces by the user until whats left are tiny diced cubes. Although the target is dismembered, it is seen that living organisms are still alive after the process.