Chen Chen no Mi
Chen Chen no Mi desc
Japanese Name: チェチェフルーツ
Romanized Name: Chen Chen no Mi
English Name: Chain-Chain Fruit
Meaning: Chain
Type: Paramecia
Power Manifest: Paramecia
Debut: Chapter 1

    The Chen Chen no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the manipulation of chains that the user wears around him/her, making the user a Chain/Link Human (チェ人間 Chen Ningen). "Chen" (チェ) means "Chain" in Japanese. In some cases it is called as the Link-Link Fruit.

Strength and Weaknesses

With this Devil Fruit ability, the user can freely control special chains that the user wears around his or her body. This chains are embedded with the user's blood and thus ready for manipulation, normal chains won't work unless absorb so. It's sole purpose is for captivation of enemies but can also be used offensive demonstrated by some users.

This chains also has additional effects joined with other elements. For example, the user can heat up this chains until it burns the target or turn it into ice cold that gives frostbite.

It's only known weakness is the inability of the user to control normal chain and the transformation of living and nonliving objects into chains.


The user uses this ability for capturing a target or it serves offensively in battle. However the user cannot control or manipulate normal chains around his surrounding instead special chains that are with user's blood which he or she wears around the body. This chain are said to weigh about forty kilos.


Captus Serico desc

Captus Serico in effect.

  • Captus Serico (シルク魅了 Shiruku miryō, literally meaning "captivated by silk") With the use of the Chen Chen no Mi abilities, the user is able to stop the movement of the target by surrounding him or her with thousands of "special chains" that the user hides from view. No person was able to break free from this chains and even was said that thousands of elephants cannot penetrate or scratch this chains. Additionally this chains are capable of killing a person if tightened by the user.