Kado Kado no Mi
Kado Kado no Mi desc
Japanese Name: カードカードフルーツ
Romanized Name: Kado Kado no Mi
English Name: Card-Card Fruit
Meaning: Playing Card
Type: Paramecia
Power Manifest: Paramecia
Debut: Chapter 1

    The Kado Kado no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user or/and his or her environment to become a deck of cards making the user a Card Human (カー人間 Kado Ningen). "Kado" (カー) means "card" in Japanese. In some cases, it is called as the Card-Card Fruit.

Strengths and Weaknesses

With the Kado Kado no Mi, the user can create multiple cards out of thin-air with this said, the user can also transform any living or non-living substance in thin layers of cards. This card is then used for both defensive and offensive purposes. The cards act as a defensive barrier, able to deflect incoming attacks, or/and can be used offensively by launching it in a high pace, even able to destroy bone and internal organs that of the targets.

The major weakness of this fruit is that the user is unable to bring back the original state of the object transformed by the ability. Additionally, it is shown that the user had a hard time to control multiple cards at once.


With the user's devil fruit powers, they are able to freely manipulate several cards which acts as a shield or a weapon for the bearer. This includes turning living or non-living things into thin layers of cards. the card also shows that it can change into varying sizes.


Elegante desc

Piège Elégante in effect.

  • Piège Elégante (piègeエレガンテ Piège eregante, literally meaning "Elegant Trap") With the Kado Kado no Mi's ability the user can trap any object or person into a single card. which he then keep in his pocket from time to time. He primarily used this for ease of transportation for several things. But can also be used offensively by trapping his or her target.
  • Soldats de Cartes (カードの兵士 "Kādo no heishi", literally meaning "Card Soldiers") With the Kado Kado no Mi, the user is able to materialise the deck of cards he or she had summoned. These cards are treated as soldiers as it wears a chainmail and uses spears as a mean of fighting. Like a normal deck of cards, it is classified into two colours, black and red. The number of card soldiers the user can make is near limitless and has the capability to invade a country. Additionally, these card soldiers also shows individual abilities like invisibility and superhuman strength. One snap of the user's fingers and they instantly return to its original state.

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