Miru Miru no Mi
Miru Miru no Mi desc
Japanese Name: 見る見るリアル
Romanized Name: Miru Miru no Mi
English Name: Watch-Watch Fruit
Meaning: to see
Type: Paramecia
Power Manifest: Paramecia
Debut: Chapter 1

    The Miru Miru no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to freely manipulate his or her eyeballs, making the user an Eye Human (目の人間 Me no ningen). "Miru" is derived from "Miru" (見る), meaning watch in Japanese. In some case, it is called the Watch-Watch Fruit. It was eaten by

Strengths and Weaknesses

The fruit most notable strength is the ability to remove the user's eyeball, primary used for spying and detection. Due to the size of the eye, it's hard notice it moving or coming closer to the target. Additionally the eye (still intact to the user's eye sockets) gives the bearer great amount of eyesight, even reaching from one town to another. The Eye/s can burrow through the deepest part of the earth or fly with enormous height, without affecting the user's vision.

The Eye/s are able to secret tears called Tear Juice that is corrosive to the human flesh and is cable of killing a person. Ingestion of this poison paralyzes the target for twenty-four hours and killed by then. Although of its menacing effect, Tear Juices are only secreted in small volume, more or less a teaspoon of amount.

The ability also has its drawbacks. For example, the eyes are not able to replicate and only limited that of the user's to control.


The fruit's bestowed powers, as used by, have been used for spying and detection purposes as of the moment. The user can use his or her powers to remove his eyeballs from his body for more convenience. The eyeballs bestows greater eyesight when worn by the user. The user can also use his power to paralyze and kill a person by the use of the eye's tear secretion called "Tear Juice"

The named techniques that are used by Inazuma that involve the Devil Fruit are as follows:

Rsz x-ray-girl-01

Interia dezain in effect.

  • Interia dezain (インテリアデザイン Interia dezain, literally meaning "Interior Design") After removing the eyeballs from the user's body, he or she has the ability to see through solid objects, showing a yellowish light around it. This was first seen when ____ tried to look through an iron gate. It's also shown that this technique can also be used towards living targets.
  • Gōkei teiden (合計停電 Gōkei teiden, literally meaning "Total Blackout") The user is able to render a person blind if he or she can touch that person's forehead. The time limit of the ability is unknown.

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