This section is dedicated to a compilation of possible crew roles and duties aboard the countless Pirate ships sailing the seas located within the world of One Piece. This includes those introduced within the series as well as well-known real life roles aboard a ship and some speculatory fan-concepts as well.


The Captain is the overall leader and often figurehead of the crew. Their name often holds the most weight of the entire crew In the world of One Piece it's not unusual for this person to be filled by the strongest member of the crew as was prevalent in real-world piracy as well. At points within the storyline, it is often hinted that should a crew member become stronger than their Captain it would effectively force the captain to relinquish their role to that crew member. This is also a concept that is borrowed from real-world piracy.

The captain is often respected or feared by their crew; quite possibly, depending on the crew's reputation, by others as well and has attained this position by being able to command with skill and daring willing to risk everything.


While less common in the world of One Piece, in the real world the Quartermaster was an indispensable position that was often seen as an equal to the Captain. While the Captain would be in-charge during battle, the Quartermaster would oversee ship operations and minor crew disputes. The Quartermaster is in-charge of overseeing plunder and dividing it between the crew as per the crew's articles. After a ship was captured it was often the Quartermaster who would decide what goods to take and what to leave. If they decided to retain the ship it was most often the Quartermaster who would take over Captaincy of that ship until such time as they could dispose of it.

It is the Quartermaster's duty to represent the interest of the crew and as such, they were elected by the crew from someone among the crew.

Sailing Master

First Mate

Second Mate

Boatswain (Bos'n)

Master Gunner




Cabin Boy

Powder Monkey

Swab / Swabbie




Helmsman (Pilot)

Sea Artist


Surgeon / Doctor